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Is there a concept of “soulmates” in Islam?

Each soul has an inclination to certain souls, and  finding someone we connect with on a spiritual level is critical. The Holy Prophet sas said,

Souls are like recruited troops: Those who are like qualities are inclined to each other, but those who have dissimilar qualities, differ.

(Sahih al-Bukhari, Book 60, Hadith 11)

If we can find someone who is a perfect match for us on a spiritual level, then life becomes a paradise. Hadrat Musleh Mau‘ud ra said:

Two almonds that come from the same shell become one when they are brought together. However, if two different almonds are brought together, then they can never match. The same tendency has been placed in souls. They are also in pairs, and if they meet, then everything is attained. To find these pairs is beyond human power, it is in the perfect knowledge of God. Even the angels and prophets of God are not aware of them. Such pairs are found between men and women, between men and men, between women and women, between teacher and student, and between servant and master. Often, such people pass from the world who cannot find their pair. They continuously complain that there is no loyalty in the world. This statement of theirs is wrong. The reality is that they could not find their pair. They can say that “we did not find loyalty in the world,” but they cannot say that “there is no loyalty in the world.” The reality is that they do not find the pair that was created for them.

(Khutbat-e-Mahmud, vol. 3, Khutbat-e-Nikah, p. 246–247)

If we can find a spouse who is our spiritual pair, then that is the ideal marriage. Hadrat Musleh Mau‘ud ra explained:

Many husbands complain about not finding a good wife, although one can find a good wife. However, they are unsuccessful in finding their pair, and the person they marry is, in fact, someone else’s pair. As a person’s shoe cannot fit on another person’s foot, similarly the one whom God has made one for cannot properly fit with someone else. For a peaceful life in this world, finding the right pair is necessary, and this is what paradise is. This is indicated in the revelation of the Promised Messiah as, “O Adam, dwell you and your wife in the garden.” Herein, God Almighty has said that although it is impossible for man to find his pair, I will find and bring you your pair, and you and your pair will live in paradise and will live a life of peace. It is the work of God Almighty that He brings a person to his pair.

(Khutbat-e-Mahmud, vol. 3, Khutbat-e-Nikah, p. 247)

There are many examples of spiritual pairs who Allah Almighty brought together. Hadrat Musleh Mau‘ud ra stated:

Allah Almighty found pairs for the Holy Prophet sas. Allah Almighty had shown the Holy Prophet that Hadrat ‘Aishah ra was his pair. It is also apparent from events that Hadrat Khadijah ra

was the pair that God found for him sas.

(Khutbat-e- Mahmud, vol. 3, Khutbat-e-Nikah, p. 249).

Similarly, in this age, there was a blessed pair that God Almighty chose for the Promised Messiah as. God Almighty had informed the Promised Messiah as through revelation that this marriage would be blessed.

(Khutbat-e-Mahmud, vol. 3, Khutbat-e- Nikah, p. 270)

Hadrat Musleh Mau‘ud ra said:

The Holy Prophet sas said that souls have an affinity to one another, meaning that certain souls have a connection with others. I believe that my soul had an affinity with the soul of Amatul Hayy (daughter of Hadrat Khalifatul-Masih I ra). I have experience in many marriages. I myself have married several times, and because of being the Imam of a community, I am connected with thousands of marriages, and thousands of experiences reach me. However, throughout my life, I have never seen as successful and happy a marriage as this marriage of mine was.

(with Hadrat Amatul Hayyra) (Khutbat-e-Mahmud, vol. 3, Khutbat-e-Nikah, p. 204)

When looking for a spouse, we should pray that God Almighty find us our pair, because it is only through Him that we can find our spiritual pair. Hadrat Musleh Mau‘ud ra said:

In reality, it is God Almighty who brings pairs together. So one should observe istikharah before Allah Almighty that He find the right pair. Allah Almighty says in the Holy Quran, “It may be that you dislike a thing while it is good for you, and it may be that you like a thing while it is bad for you.” Many things appear good but according to God they are not good. Similarly, many things do not seem good but in reality they are very beneficial. So man should submit himself before God because whatever God gives will be what is good. One should always entrust his affairs to Allah Almighty that He finds his true pair. When one finds their pair, then every type of ease is attained, and paradise is attained.

(Khutbat-e-Mahmud, vol. 3, Khutbat-e-Nikah, p. 249–250).
Updated on February 23, 2019

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